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About the project

Wool 2030 is a new AWI project that aims to develop a 10-year strategic plan for Australian woolgrowers. The development of the plan was one of the recommendations arising from AWI’s 2018 review of performance by Ernst and Young. AWI’s Woolgrower Consultation Group (WCG), plus ‘next generation’ representatives, will oversee the project.

The plan is for the benefit of Australian woolgrowers as they are AWI’s primary stakeholders and levy-payers. It will largely cover issues related to wool production and should not be seen as a plan for downstream sections of the Australian wool industry such as brokers, exporters or processors.

A series of discussion papers will be prepared and subsequently considered by the expanded WCG. Key questions / discussion points on important strategic considerations will be posed. The discussion at the WCG will be used as critical input into the development of the plan. Once drafted, the plan will be considered by the AWI Board.

Woolgrowers and members of the industry are strongly encouraged to participate and have their say on the future of the industry. This can be achieved by doing the survey or contacting the project team via this website.

latest updates

20 April 2020
Project Launch
The Wool 2030 survey closed on 21 August. 838 responses were received.

The planning team is currently holding discussions with woolgrower groups, state farmer organisations, emerging leader networks and other sectors of the industry such as brokers and exporters.


The online survey closed on 21 August.

The data is still being analysed. There were 838 responses to the survey. Respondents included woolgrowers (86 per cent), stud/ram breeders, brokers, buyers, peak body personnel, consultants and others. The greatest proportion of respondents was from NSW (40%), followed by SA (22%), Victoria (20%), WA (12%), Tasmania (6.4%) and Queensland (5.8%). Fifty-one per cent of respondents were from the sheep/cereal zone, 29 per cent from the high rainfall zone and 20 per cent from the pastoral zone.  

The strong and diverse response provides an excellent base from which to build the strategy.
Thanks to all who participated.


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